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Testing with Squish



– Learn how to test your Qt application with Squish


What is the most important thing about a tool for automatic testing?

Often the answer is not that it will reliably test your application, but instead that it will reliably test your application tomorrow

when you have adapted the application slightly! The ambition of this training is that you will learn to use Squish for testing

your application, over and over again – with much reduced efforts versus before. The techniques you learn involve recording

a script with Squish and then adapting this into a piece of reusable code that is much less likely to break with the next version

of the application it tests.



2 - days


Target audience

Testers or programmers to support testers



Basic Qt programming knowledge. This training course (optionally) includes a short introduction to Python3 Days training


Content Covers:

•Recording your first script, Verifying the Result

•Getting stable scripts by programming

•Optional, Python Introduction and/or Java script Introduction

•Refactoring your scripts

•Object Identification, Data driven testing, Qt Event Handling, File Access

•Customized Object Identification, Automatic test runs, Special Purpose Squish


Getting Started with Squish

•10.000 Feet Overview

•Recording and Playback

•Verify The Result


Further Testing Possibilities

•Object Identification

•Data Driven Testing

•Application Internals

•Event Handling

•File Access


Getting Stable Scripts by Programming

•Python Introduction

•Verify The Result II



Advanced Squish Usage

•Customized Object Identifiers

•Automatic test runs Special

•Purpose Squish Final Exercise


Advanced Squish Usage Customized

•Object Identifiers Automatic test runs

•Special Purpose Squish

•Final Exercise


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