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Android Automotive


Android Automotive is a version of Android tailored for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI). This one day training will explore the concepts behind Android Automotive and show how they are implemented. You will find out about the Vehicle HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer), which is the interface between the raw data on the vehicle CAN bus and the Android operating system. Though a combination of presentations and live demos we will trace events from the vehicle HAL, up through the Car Service to an Android app written to handle those events.

The adaptation of Android to an IVI environment has many consequences. We will look at two in particular: how Android handles multiple displays, and how the boot time can be reduced so that it becomes active within two seconds from power on. The latter is achieved through the External View System (EVS).

The demos are based on version 9 of Android, Android Pie. They use an off-the-shelf Raspberry Pi board. At the end of the seminar you will have links to the entire software component so that you can, if you wish, reproduce the same environment for yourself.


1 day


A general knowledge of Linux kernel and Android operating system

Course materials

All students will receive:

•A printed copy of the presentations

•Worked solutions to the problems, plus electronic copies of the course materials


This course is ideal for system architects, engineers and project leaders who want to learn the details of Android Automotive


Introduction to Android

•Android architecture: the big picture

•Hardware Abstraction Layers

•The Android Open Source Project (AOSP)

•Building Android from source

Android Automotive

•Android and IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment)

•How Android Automotive extends the base Android operating system

•Building Android Automotive

The Vehicle HAL

•How the HAL interfaces with vehicle buses (e.g. CAN or LIN)

•Defining and exporting Vehicle Properties

•Subscribing to vehicle events

Car Applications

•The Car Service and Car API

•Writing applications using the Car API

•Minimizing driver distraction

The Exterior View System

•The vehicle Camera HAL

•Meeting  the 2 second boot requirement

•Architecture of the Exterior View System, EVS

The Android Graphics Stack

•OpenGL ES

•SurfaceFlinger and image compositing

•Internal and external displays

•Streaming multi-media

•Input devices and input focus

Validation: CDD, CTS and VTS

•The Compatibility Definition Document, CDD

•Testing the application interface using the Compatibility Test Suite, CTS

•Testing the Vendor HAL using the Vendor Test Suite, VTS

About the trainer

Chris Simmonds has a wealth of experience in customizing Android for embedded systems. He has been running training courses and workshops in Android since 2010 and has trained teams at many well-known organisations in the UK, Europe, USA, South America and SE Asia. He is the author of the book “Mastering Embedded Linux Programming”, and is a frequent presenter at open source and embedded conferences, including Embedded Linux Conference and Embedded World. 

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