Kurs Qt QML for Embedded Linux


Qt QML for Embedded Linux

Length: 4 days

Programmers enrolled in these training course should have a functional knowledge of C++.

“In this new version of the training, every participant will be able to work on actual embedded hardware

(Toradex Colibri T30 with touch screen). By the end of the training, participating developers will be equipped

with the skills and know‐how they need to be productive with Qt/QML the day they return from training.

Fundamentals of Qt for Embedded Linux

  • The Story of Qt
  • Qt for Embedded Linux Overview
  • Building Qt for Embedded Linux
  • Introducing Qt Creator
  • Developing for Embedded Linux with Qt Creator
  • Practical Tips for Developers

Introduction to Qt Quick

Composing User Interfaces

  • Graphical Elements
  • Text Elements
  • Anchor Layout

User Interaction

  • Mouse Input
  • Touch Input
  • Keyboard Input


Objects in Qt

  • Common Features of Qt's Object Model
  • Object Communication using Signals & Slots

Variants and Properties

  • Properties


Presenting Data

  • Arranging Items
  • Simple Data Models
  • Views

Qt for Embedded Linux Adaptation

  • Font handling
  • Customizing Qt Features
  • Performance Tuning

QML Topics

  • States and Transitions
  • In-depth Model/View
  • Painting and Effects
  • The Loader Element
  • Modules
  • Plug-ins
  • Internationalization
  • WebKit

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